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How to Order


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Ordering from GOLDSEA could not be easier

simply e-mail us your order or post an order to us with a template and hair sample. We are familiar with all order forms and you may use your existing order form. 
However it is preferable to use our order form for efficiency
Order a Custom Form
A free customized form can be made up and e-mailed with your company's name and details included. We can even include any special requirements you use regularly into the form.
Production time on your orders is approximately 4-5 weeks plus shipping time. 
Your orders will be shipped direct to you from the factory utilizing the courier company of your choice.
3-4 days delivery time from us to you. 
For regular high volume accounts we will pay the shipment at our end saving you even more.
For monthly orders over 20 pieces shipping is included in the price.


we specialize in custom designs. We will design to suit your taste using either a template provided by you to us, or just send in your hairpiece and we will use it as a pattern making an exact copy for you. If you cant afford to miss it then simply make a scan or photocopy of the bottom side of it measuring it from top to bottom and providing us the width and we will make a custom piece for you. Or we also have a wide selection of stock hairpieces to choose from. You can tell us what you would like and let us design a hairpiece for you.
 We can make it how you want it, we have new innovative materials like bio-skin poly that is so thin that it looks like your real skin and is virtually imperceptible when your wearing it. We also have even harder to detect hair piece materials like lace. Although this is not as durable as other materials you will be amazed thinking its your real hair when your wearing it. Its that good! We also have hairpieces made of lace and other various materials such as polyethylene and the new special injected silicone that is very good for holding hairpiece tapes. We also have a other material called mono lace and french lace etc.
 We use top of the line materials and human hair of various colors. And if human hair is not for you why not try our synthetic hair, it feels soft like real hair, but is often more durable and resistant to fading.


We are the best doctor to repair your hair system in China , we can do it for you through the mail, better price and service than our competitors in your country, maybe you can make a try.
Our repair includes, hair perm, hair add, base repairs(sewing or new tape tab), keep shape of the base, new lace front suture etc. if you need more gray hair added to your unit, we can add to your present hairpiece,  if you need hair added to the entire hair piece, believe us, we can do it for you, everyone do cleaning and with hair conditioner, you will get a nice new one from our repairing.!
Filling the hairpiece repair order form together with your hair to GOLDSEA HAIR, it will save your costs and your valuable time, why not do you make a consideration.!

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